With the wrong software you can't get at the information you need. With an awkward workflow you wast time and money on needles steps or mistakes. Codeferous creates custom software that allows you to:

Application Development

We build custom applications to your specifications. We use innovative, well established technologies to rapidly build scaleable, flexible and extensible systems and tools.

Data Driven Solutions

Applications rarely remain an island. When you move beyond simple utilities or workflow tools, most business requirements involve accessing, exchanging or modifying data. We build applications that can handle that data regardless of where it comes from; database, web service or XML feed.

Workflow Automation

We understand the requirements of Macintosh production workflows. Using AppleScript and other automation tools we can tune and streamline your process to reduce errors, increase productivity and save money.

Beyond the Code

We don't just write software. We analyze your requirements, design the solutions, train your users and host the finished products.

Oh... and we can probably figure out why Word isn't printing from your laptop while we're at it.

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Tools & Technologies

Software developers have a massive number of technologies to choose from. This is the selection we've chosen to work with:


For building Web or Java client database driven applications nothing beats Apple's WebObjects. It is scalable, proven, robust and rapid to develop with.


If a desktop application or utility is what you are looking for Apple's Cocoa Framework provides stunning functionality that results in unparalleled development speed.


If tuning your existing workflow is your desire, Apple's system level scripting language will certainly fit the bill.

AppleScript Studio

We love to use Apple's new AppleScript Studio to build GUI rich utilities and tools that don't require the full capabilities of the Cocoa Framework.

FileMaker Pro

Not all of our clients require Enterprise Class data solutions. For quick and dirty data tools, we rely on FileMaker Inc.'s FileMaker Pro.


Don't be fooled by its name, RealBasic is perfect for solutions that need to be flexible, cross platform and cheap to deploy.