Mac OS X Services

The Macintosh has been our favorite platform for more years than we care to remember. Recently our excitement for the platform has grown tenfold. This is entirely due to the release of Mac OS X an altogether different beast than Mac OS 9 and one that we count as one of our major competitive advantages.

Mac OS X Migration

If you currently rely on a Mac based workflow, the move to Mac OS X can appear daunting to say the least. Application compatibility and hardware dependencies coupled with the need to remain productive present a seemingly insurmountable hurdle.

Well, we're here to help.

We will build a Migration Contract tailored to your needs. Then, using our exclusive and proven Migrate-O-Matic system, we will ensure that your migration goes as smoothly possible.

Mac OS X Support

And if you still need help after you've settled into your new Systems, we'll be there to help. Ongoing support, troubleshooting and support contracts are all available.

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We've distilled the best of our Mac OS X migration techniques into a set of proven systems and tools to guarantee the smoothest migration possible.

Hardware Audit

Know the weak links in your hardware chain and the cost to fix them, before you begin.

Software Audit

Ensure the compatibility of all of your workflow software.

Workflow Assesment

Tune your workflow to take advantage of the new opportunities presented by OS X.


Build a migration schedule the makes way for your workload, not the other way around.

System Migration

Perform all upgrades, and ensure everything works correctly.

User Training

Instruct your users on how to get the most out of the new OS.

Support Training

When we leave we want you to be self-sufficient. We can train your support personnel so they can handle any problems they may encounter.