Training is probably one of the best investments you can make for your people. It makes them more productive and better able to handle problems and see new opportunities. It also make them feel valued and supported.


We build and deliver seminars on technical topics for groups of 10 to 200. We run regular free half day and single day fee based seminars on topics such as; Mac OS X Troubleshooting, Mac OS X Migration and AppleScript. To our knowledge we have not lost a single participant to boredom yet.

Interactive Training

We provide hands-on instructor led interactive courses on similar topics for groups of 5 to 15. See the sidebar for additional information.

Custom Training

Whether you need to bring you technical team up to speed or give you administrative staff an introduction to new software, we can customize a course that matches your needs.

Mac OS X Training

Mac OS X Technical Courses

We have a set of proven interactive instructor led courses that span 2 to 3 days and are suitable for groups of 5 to 15.

Mac OS X Sys. Admin. - 3 days

Covers the core technologies and skills required to administer and deploy OS X client. For tech support staff who need skills upgrading, or those migrating from another platform.

Mac OS X Networks - 3 days

Covers the core protocols, services, and network infrastructure required to successfully use Mac OS X in a local area network. Includes both OS X client and Server. Mac OS X Sys. Admin. is a required prerequisite. For tech support staff who will be supporting Mac OS X client or Servers in a networked environment.

AppleScript - 2 days

Covers the fundamentals of AppleScript. It's basic syntax, scripting tools, and accessing third party applications such as Adobe Indesign and Quark Xpress.